Ciudad Nya

Ciudad Nya, an environmentally mindful and advanced urban development, spans over 2250 acres or 900 hectares. It’s situated just a mile away from Guanacaste’s International Airport and 3 miles from the capital of Guanacaste, Liberia. The project has received a regional decree of public interest from four regional municipalities – Liberia, Bagaces, Cañas, and Carrillo, as well as the Federation of Municipalities of Guanacaste. In addition, it carries a national decree of public interest endorsement from the President of Costa Rica. Approved by SETENA, the development’s estimated construction approval stands at a remarkable $1.2 billion.

Ciudad Nya is well-equipped with five deep well commercial concessions for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes, and it also boasts advanced fiber optic installations.

The first phase of development in the city includes the construction of 364 condominiums, 2.5 kilometres of comprehensive infrastructure, a roundabout, village, the first crystal lagoon in Central America, a rock quarry with 10 crushers, a concrete plant, and a asphalt plant. The city also houses a significant economic asset: a 205-acre or 83-hectare free trade zone. This zone is a substantial economic opportunity and a crucial driver for job creation, meeting an essential requirement in the local economy.

The green energy sustainable solar power initiative includes utility, commercial and residential applications. Amenities include natural attractions like a canyon, waterfalls, a river, and biking and walking trails. It is also the location of the ancient Petroglyphs, which are 2500 years old.