Our Services

Guanacaste Real Estate Consulting

We have 27 years of experience in the region with our local team and extensive knowledge of real estate industry in Guanacaste. We can help make your projects successful.

Land Acquisition

Working with your real estate agent or our trustworthy local team to identify potential properties based on the client’s specific needs and target market.

Due Diligence

Working with our legal department, topographers, architects and engineers to make sure the property has no hidden legal or zoning problems and is developable.

Feasibility study assessments

We identify the development opportunities, validating the zoning of the land, legal regulations, and the probability of the project being successful


We coordinate with local and national institutions for zoning, water, power and the required approvals and permits to acquire a building permit.

Legal regulations

Coordination with our legal department to comply with the laws.

Project conceptualization

This process usually starts with a charrette with our architectural experts.


We coordinate with our architects, engineers and entire design team to acquire building plans and permits.

Project management

We manage the development process by implementing, supervising and verifying quality control according to a pre-established design to finish on time and on budget.

Finance & Accounting

This involves assisting with finance, management and accounting. We keep up-to-date account statements, provide treasury services for payments of suppliers and create a tax strategy

Material Sourcing

Our team has over 20 years of experience sourcing and importing construction materials, hardware, furniture, equipment, solar panels and many other products from Asia, USA and Latin America.

Built-to-suit solutions

Our group has experienced professionals in all of our departments to provide the clients with a built-to-suit solution from start to finish.

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